Since February, one of our most committed customers  has successfully completed on 11 assignments with our small yet beautiful (subjective) team of Headhunting; Executive Recruitment Consultants who display the BluZinc Behaviours.

These services and expert people (the candidates introduced, from the Digital Media, Leisure & Entertainment Consumer Marketing and eCommerce industries) are underpinning the organisations global transformation, relocation, expansion plans and customer experience.

BluZinc Visit Clients with Expansion Plans in San Francisco & Los Angeles, California & Austin, Texas

For their London based Creative Digital Marketing Agency Start Up, we introduced:

As a guest, our CEO, Jonathan Pearson, attended the Bulletproof Nutrition Annual Conference in Pasadena.

Here are some examples of completed hiring assignments that contributed to that invitation:

It’s been a phenomenal journey over the last 12 months at BluZinc growing our team and business by 400% while maintaining a small number, extremely highly cared for and enjoyable portfolio of customer who feel like friends to us and the people we introduce.

Some examples of of assignments completed with other customers we are meeting up with include:

It’s only appropriate to cross the water from London to meet in person all our clients and candidates, identify areas for improvement or innovation, and celebrate the success of the hiring campaign so far.

If You are in Leadership of Digital, Technology, Marketing, eCommerce, HR, Finance, Operations, Sales…

We can probably help you more easily meet your professional goals and objectives.  This can have massive positive impact on your personal life, family or friendships, and your own happiness, by creating more free time.

Would you like to have a conversation about management and leadership careers or your hiring needs?  Our CEO, Jonathan Pearson would love to hear from you with view to meeting up in person though September, October, November.