The BluZinc Method Masterclass Academy has 25 Recruiter Training Courses in total (released in phases) for everything you need to know about hiring talent or finding your dream job and purpose in work within eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Technology, Operations, Finance and HR.

If you see your past behaviours and values below, it indicates you might be awesome at Talent Acquisition:

  • Integrity
  • Purpose
  • Creativity
  • Mastery
  • Autonomy
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Emotional Intelligence

Important Questions to Ask Yourself before Training, Coaching or Mentoring and a Career in Talent Acquisition :

  • Do you have excellent interpersonal, listening, influencing, persuasive and negotiation skills able to develop rapport and excellent telephone manner?
  • Are you competitive, confident and self-motivated?
  • Are you well presented during in person meetings and on video?
  • Are you expert at planning, organising and prioritising?
  • Do you have deep seated career or life goals?
  • How many examples can you think of, where you achieved way above average, top level performance and results in what you were doing?
  • Are you keen to be rewarded on merit for your performance and not dragged down by others?
  • Are there any times in life, where you felt like you were wading through treacle or sinking in quicksand, and found your way out?
  • Do you demonstrate resilience, empathy, compassion and respect?
  • Are you intelligent and educated with heaps of common sense?
  • Do you find solutions to problems and relish the challenge?

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