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Internet of Things (IoT)


The ‘Internet of Things’ has drastically infiltrated into domestic and business applications in the past few years, though it was initially coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999 and the concept of it around for decades. Given the speed and development of technology, more and more processes are being managed through [...]

BluZinc Lab


BluZinc Lab The evolution of Artificial Intelligence and digital platforms is transcending the way people live and work. This convergence is being bridged by the help of the internet and its increased accessibility. Here at the BluZinc Lab, we help prepare businesses to be able to conceptualise their company visions; facilitating [...]

Internet of Me (IoM)


Internet of Me The ‘Internet of Things’ has paved way for the colonisation by the ‘Internet of Me’, where the customer can be considered king. Driven by personal devices and ‘wearables’, people now have access to vast amounts of information and the ability to control the world around [...]

Monetisation of Digital Content


Monetisation of Digital Content Organisations have many years of back catalogue digital content and current live content with limited resources to monetise. BluZinc can help you take your content to the masses, whether it is the written word, video, books, newspapers, sports events, rugby, football, white papers, subscriptions, tickets, social services, car parking [...]

Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation The Digital economy is in its nature, survival of the fittest. For companies to thrive they must be adaptable to unrelenting change, digital savvy and entirely focused on their customer experience and total customer satisfaction. These changes go beyond digital into the very core of the way businesses work, communicate with [...]