Executive Recruitment : Top Digital Talent in London Know This…

//Executive Recruitment : Top Digital Talent in London Know This…

Executive Recruitment : Top Digital Talent in London Know This…

Executive Recruitment

Your Email Address & Settings?

This has to be one of our most simple yet beneficial tips ever for Executive Recruitment.  When you are actively researching and looking for a new job, you will send your CV to 2 or 3 carefully selected adverts in one session.  If you are among the best digital talent, you quickly enter the selection process with several organisations from this one session and you are effectively off the market within 2-4 weeks.

You certainly stop looking for new jobs as you are committed to the various organisations selection process… which can sometimes take months, and then they “promoted an internal candidate” or “recruitment goes on hold” or “there is something about your profile they suddenly don’t like” but could have been established at CV stage, 3 months ago.  You are back to square one, having said “no” to several interview requests with competing organisations.  In frustration, and because you really need a new job by now, you start sending your CV to 10-30 adverts in one session!

I’m really in demand so it doesn’t matter if I miss a few emails! I’m sick of all the emails and calls from “recruiters”.  Who cares, eh, if the one I miss happens to be my lifestyle and career opportunity of dreams come true?  I have a huge pipeline of prospects…

If you care about quality in your life and work, then now isn’t the time to get all ego about quantity.

The simple tips are:

  • Use a dedicated careers search email address, which you set to receive ALL emails
  • Don’t change this email address, ever. Check it monthly, even when you are not looking
  • Search your inbox or spam folder daily with the organisations domain name your sent your CV to
  • Add the organisations domain to your safe list eg bluzinc.uk
  • If you are a perfect match (same industry or product or services knowledge), send a follow up email to the organisation, within 3 business days
  • Always return an organisations call if they leave a voice mail.. even if you are under offer, as it may be a better fitting opportunity

I wonder how many organisations might benefit in the war on talent if they apply some of these tips?

I would love to hear from anyone, who read this article and used any of these tips to uncover a hidden gem in their career search or an organisation who found a perfect candidate in their spam folder…

It’s not how big your pipeline is; it’s what you do with it that counts!

Happy Hunting, from Jonathan.

BluZinc are an independent Consultancy based in London, with business in digital, technology, marketing, eCommerce, HR designed for Senior Managers, Directors and Chief Officers.  Global Retained Search & Selection for Permanent Recruitment or Interim Management Consultancy.

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