You may be a startup founder, or have a job on the C-Suite such as CEO or President, COO, CMO, CFO, CTO, so if your pay is $200K – $1MM per year, you possibly don’t have time or desire to care much about the syntax of a digital marketing managers job title.  There are many reasons why it’s important to a VP Marketing or Director of Marketing to have a correct label.  

“I don’t care about job titles”, I hear you say.  Read this article and hopefully you will see how much it can impact your customers and company growth…  

I find most other labels for human beings abhorrent however job titles are important for:

  • Talent Acquisition – candidates use titles in their search to find your job opening advert, the title need to be optimised for SEO and the algorithms, and the title needs to be eye catching
  • Customers – so they know who does what and the level or authority and responsibility of the person they are talking with 
  • Internal Communication & HR – the different levels of title relate to different system user groups / email groups, expenses, bill payments, HR processes, are commensurate with pay bandings, for recognition, career progression, motivational promotions, and status

It is easy to say you are totally authentic, and don’t have egos (humanly impossible) or status is not important within your culture. If a creative content project co-ordinator is paid $70K and you don’t have the budget to bring them up to say $90K, giving them some extra paid time off work, training or a promotion to Manager could be extremely rewarding to some people (if they are performing a team leading job effectively).  Some employees or contractors don’t care about the title and simply prefer a bigger base compensation, uncapped commission, or personal performance bonus linked to KPIs and the marketing roadmap. 

“A job can be worth x10 base salary compensation in value to a company so don’t miss out on hiring someone awesome or losing someone even better, because you picked the wrong job title.”

Be mindful of direct or indirect age discrimination.  The terms junior or senior must apply to the type of experience or competencies of the job requirements, and not the individuals age.  Be careful when stating number of years experience as this can also appear to be age discriminatory.  Note that very few people search for a job called “Head of Marketing”.  They will either search for Marketing Manager or Marketing Director or VP Marketing.  They might only search “marketing jobs near me” even if they are a CMO!  Many candidates use key works to sign up to jobs by email overnight alerts (eCRM).  Can you see how publishing just 1 job advert, on 1 platform is missing out on a huge segment of the candidate market? 

Jonathan advises “When creating and publishing job opening adverts, it’s important that your HR and Recruiters use data analytics and A/B multivariate testing for multi-channel talent acquisition effectiveness.  There are many different job titles found on resumes and CVs so you need many segments of key words.  All the variations of keyword searches, and segmentation go in to your hands on backend *X-Ray searching inside platforms like LinkedIn, Google, Bing to proactively find hidden talent who are not actively looking.”

(*by using Boolean-type code)    

The next news post for entrepreneurs and founders, will be about how to structure your start-up, or your small to medium size independent business for growth up to a $100MM+ publicly listed organisation.  We will look at ideology for order of hires and outside contractor usage.  We will also write a newsletter about BluZinc Outsourced : BluZinc Midsourced : BluZinc Insourced.     

Further information and your initial conversation will be with your Principal Consultant at BluZinc (Jonathan Pearson, CEO) to better understand your needs, priorities and aspirations.  If you are a CxO, VP or Director, you are welcome to make an appointment in Jonathan’s calendar or make a request for your prefered time windows, remembering to add your time zone. 
Most of our clients have diverse and inclusive, extremely high performing cultures based globally remote or in London, Austin, Boulder, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, Margate, Douglas, Europe, Durban.  We are location agnostic, remote working digital nomads, and job title agnostic as hiring is our speciality, and relationships drive the success.  We are part of a $300MM global independent recruiters association able to source talent in every function and location via your BluZinc Consultant Recruiter.    

From 32,000 hours of hiring, here are Jonathan’s observations on job titles…

What do you think for management / leadership with a slant toward the marketing function? The modern day marketing team could have around 16 niche job titles within this structure which we will publish another time. The full digital marketing, media, communication and branding value chain…

President & ChairmanCEO & Chairman
VP / President ofCxO or Executive Director
Director of / Head ofAssociate Director / Head of
Team Leader / ManagerTeam Leader / Manager
Supervisor / CoordinatorSupervisor / Coordinator
Associate / Junior / TraineeAssociate / Junior / Trainee