Cameron Herold – Leadership Development & Mentor

Are you a CEO or COO of a $3MM - $7MM+ company? If so, you have already done an awesome job! Maybe you had formal training or consultancy on how elicit your vision, mission and culture, the business case, the strategy, the structure and how to grow you company, who [...]

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Talent Acquisition Training to Recruit the Best Talent into Sustainable Teams & Elevate Your Freedom!

The BluZinc Method Masterclass Academy has 25 Recruiter Training Courses in total (released in phases) for everything you need to know about hiring talent or finding your dream job and purpose in work within eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Technology, Operations, Finance and HR. If you see your past behaviours and values [...]

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Redundancy, Resume Writing & Job Search Support

If you are a company leader in the process of laying off or furloughing your workforce, it can be beneficial for your HR to work with an outside Consultant, who has the time and wisdom to dedicate themselves to your team and support them, with empathy and effective guidance via [...]

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Corporate Structure: Job Titles USA v UK

You may be a startup founder, or have a job on the C-Suite such as CEO or President, COO, CMO, CFO, CTO, so if your pay is $200K - $1MM per year, you possibly don't have time or desire to care much about the syntax of a digital marketing managers [...]

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Questions to Ask an Executive Recruitment Consultant

For Executive Recruitment to Qualify Your Productivity & Prioritise Your Valuable Time Whether your career search as a Candidate is in digital, eCommerce, Technology, Marketing or HR.  A Senior Manager, Director or Chief Officer.  Based in London or anywhere.  Permanent, Contract or Interim Management. These questions will save you money, [...]

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TEAM – The Employment Agency Movement

BluZinc are Paid Members of T.E.A.M. - the UK's Largest Network of Independent Recruiters Master Vendor You are familiar with cost reduction, risk mitigation, process efficiencies, greater control and visibility that global MSP/RPO providers offer to multi-million and multi-billion dollar organisations. It is of vital importance to highly [...]

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