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Experts in Strategy; Global Search and Selection; Executive Careers, Interim Management Consultancy in eCommerce, Digital, Technology, Marketing, Operations, and HR functions with a virtual team in all global locations and specialisms via TEAM & NPA Worldwide.

Questions to Ask a Recruiter

Qualify A Talent Acquisition Consultants Experience and their Method to Maximise your Productivity Whether your career search is in Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Technology, Operations, Finance or HR as a Manager, Subject Matter Expert (SME), or Executive Director, these questions will save you hassle and disappointment: Do you have [...]

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Talent Acquisition Training to Create Sustainable Teams for Growth

The BluZinc Method Masterclass Academy has 25 Recruiter Training Courses in total (released in phases) for everything you need to know about hiring talent or finding your dream job and purpose in work within eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Technology, Operations, Finance and HR. If you see your past behaviours and values [...]

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Redundancy, Resume Writing & Job Search Support

If you are a company leader in the process of laying off or furloughing your workforce, it can be beneficial for your HR to work with an outside Consultant, who has the time and wisdom to dedicate themselves to your team and support them, with empathy and effective guidance via [...]

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BluZinc & NPAworldwide Talent Acquisition Partnership

Did you know that since 1956, NPAworldwide has been operating a global membership network of specialist independent recruitment agencies and consultancies? Global recruiters and headhunters, with capability much like the worlds best RPO / MSP talent outsourcing firms, yet without the PLC shareholders. Focused on the highest quality talent and [...]

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Remote Global Teams are No-Mad

BluZinc visited clients with expansion plans in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Austin, San Diego, Boulder, Atlanta and New York. As a VIP guest, our CEO, Jonathan Pearson, attended the Bulletproof Annual Conference in Pasadena (and Parties!)... which has been an annual thing for him during the last few years. [...]

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BluZinc Behaviours – Your Values, Characteristics & Long Term Happiness

The Seven BluZinc Behaviours are: CreativityAutonomyMasteryPurposeRespectIntegrityDiversity Behaviours Create the Culture of Your Sustainable Team. Aligned Values & Philosophy Provide Growth. It is simple, in that if you know what characteristics and behaviours describe your team, department, organisation (mindful of cultural differences in global locations) you will be able to more [...]

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CEO – Consumer eCommerce Media & Marketing Team Hiring Success

Since February 2017, BluZinc placed a CEO who then went of to be one of our most committed Consumer eCommerce customers who in 6 months, successfully completed on 11 job opening assignments with our team of Recruiters who display the BluZinc Behaviours. The candidates introduced and hired were from [...]

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How to Write a Cover Letter that Stands Out

When applying for a job it is important to remember that you are not the only person applying for that role...unfortunately. There are often 10’s or even 100’s of applications for certain positions so it is your job to make sure that you stand out to the person that is [...]

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7 Tips for Senior Job Hunting whilst Employed

It can be hard to open yourself up to the market and start job hunting whilst employed particularly when you are in a senior position. This is why we have put together our 7 top tips for senior job hunting whilst employed. We often reach out and connect with senior [...]

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Manager Job Descriptions & CV / Resumes that Match

You may think it is obvious that both documents need to contain similar content in order to be a match.  Lots of standard job descriptions from the HR library can be either out of date or only include generic competencies and so the reflection in the mirror is that of [...]

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