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People with talent are at the heart of our business, your business and you probably are one!  BluZinc provide a comprehensive search and selection service for senior and specialist permanent or interim careers. We can provide you with consulting assignments, be part of a programme team or a new long term permanent career challenge, enabling an organization’s digital goals and business vision.

Whether you are a Chief Officer, Director, Senior Manager or Architect with functional expertise in Digital, Marketing, Communications, eCommerce, Technology or HR we will provide you some of the most attractive, less known about opportunities from our senior client network. Read More…

BluZinc - Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Evolving your business to meet the needs of the digital age can be a huge undertaking.  It starts with your vision and goals and encompasses every aspect and function within your organisation.  BluZinc Advisors help with your top down approach, working with your executive team and key stakeholders to define your business change programme to take advantage of all the latest digital strategies and technologies.

BluZinc will help you define the most cost effect starting point for your digital evolution, it may be focused on your international growth, your approach to the Internet of Things, or a business architecture that truly supports digital and multichannel commerce, we are there to advise and deliver to your needs. Read More…

BluZinc - Monetisation of Digital Content

Monetisation of Digital Content

Organisations have many years of back catalogue digital content and current live content with limited resources to monetise. BluZinc can help in publishing your content to the masses, whether it is the written word, video, books, newspapers, sports events, rugby, football, white papers, subscriptions, tickets, social services, car parking and everything in between with a Cloud CRM, Full PCI Compliance, and Global Multi-Currency payments.

Call us to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific needs and we will have you making money from valuable assets in no time. Read More…

Digital Strategy can be focused on just one element of the organisation or the whole organisation.  It is important to remember in working to enable digitisation the first port of call are the business goals.  Reengineering business processes and thinking outside the box to discover digital solutions that meet the needs of your business is where BluZinc excel.  Remember, you may know where you want to go but have not yet discovered how to get there.
For Careers in digital transformation from concept and advisory services to delivery. We are looking for consultants, programme managers, directors and technical resources to within the CEO, CIO, CMO, CFO, COO, HRD directorates for initiatives surrounding internal and external evolution.
BluZinc are experts in digital integration. To ensure your digital systems meet your business goals you need to ensure that your enterprise architecture and business architecture are properly designed and the integration between your systems is properly defined and managed. BluZinc will assist you in all aspects of integration.

BluZinc for Digital Evolution

  • Digital Transformation Advisory Services
  • Partnering with leading edge digital service and solutions providers
  • Digital transformation Project/Programme Management & Resourcing
  • Global Search & Selection for Senior Managers, Directors & Chief Officers
  • Interim Management Consultants to enable your digital world