Executive Recruitment – SEO

These simple tips will ease some of your pain…

When your CV or online profile is being searched, some Recruitment Consultants will include keywords for:

  • strategy, industry, services, products
  • generic open market job titles
  • technology brand names eg Magento (nearly everyone is an advanced user of tech these days and forms part of the selection criteria)
  • skills especially hard skills like programming languages, versions, environments – only your strongest, not a shopping list! This word is now most commonly spelt: eCommerce
  • budget, team, customer, stakeholder, reporting to
  • supplier / partner / vendor
  • location of opportunity by city (if you are relocating, your profile or CV needs the target City on it)
  • achievements, awards / winner of
  • qualifications / accreditation without .’s eg MBA, BSc, PhD, CIPD
  • languages
  • personal interests (if this isn’t on your CV, you are missing out on cultural matches)

A good way you can approach your CV writing to think inbound lead generation and content marketing, of yourself!

2 pages is the maximum length (3 if you insist), with narrow margins and full contact details and links to your online brand… it will be checked!

Don’t assume everyone knows what your company does.  Always include industry, products or services and a website URL eg www.bluzinc.uk

Since the advent of the digital publishing and communication world you live in, bear in mind you have hardly any time to absorb information.  If your CV comes up near the top in all the searches, and is easy to assimilate with bullet point achievements, you will be noticed.

With short sentence on role, duties, dimensions (£ / % / Growth / Reduction / Numbers), and responsibilities you are encouraging a call to action and will receive highly relevant emails and phone calls from prospects.

When, not if, you are looking for your next Senior Appointment or Interim Management opportunity, feel free to get in touch for careers in London and in key Global locations.

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